High Frequency Full Body Program


This is the perfect training program for intermediate to advanced lifters looking for something NEW to spark amazing results.

This program is unlike anything you’ve done before.

Ditch the “bro-split” and go with this new full-body, 5 day per week program that uses the latest scientific research to drive muscle growth for experienced lifters. Note: Available as electronic copy only.




The Program

This program is

unlike anything

you've done before.


This program is designed for intermediate to advanced trainees who are in need of something new to drive continued progress.

This is a very unique training style that uses the highest possible frequency of training (hitting every muscle 5 days a week). Research shows that muscle protein synthesis spikes and returns to baseline within a 24 hour period in experienced trainees.

In order to maximize growth, it may be beneficial for intermediate-advanced lifters to stimulate muscles more frequently throughout the week.

Full body training has several other advantages including:

• Reduced soreness = Better performance

• Improved recovery capacity = More progress

• Improved mind-muscle connection per exercise = More focus

• High quality volumes = Better muscle growth

It Also Includes
Exact sets, reps, exercises, rest time, RPE targets, and coaching cues from me

Exercise substitutions (In case of injury or lack of equipment access)

Video links for every exercise

Full summaries of volume for every body part

“Program Explained”: all of the science behind high frequency full body training

A full FAQ’s section

39 scientific references

Note: if you’ve only been in the gym for a year or two, iId recommend starting with my Fundamentals Program instead, which has you training full body 3 days a week instead of 5.